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  • “We Inter Are: Identity Politics & #MeToo,” Lata Mani, Feminist Review Blog, September 10, 2018 Reposted here

  • “A Counter Aesthetic at Work: Lata Mani in Conversation with C.S. Venkiteswaran,” Chalanchitra Sameeksha,  September 2018, 32-45. Read here

  • Upcoming Screening of The Poetics of Fragility followed by Q &A at Settle Stories, UK, November 11, here Review in The Yorkshire Times, here

  • Thyrza Goodeve on The Poetics of Fragility, Feminist Review, 119, July 2018, 176-78 here

  • In April 2018 SacredSecular was selected as one of 20 key titles written by women published by Routledge in a diverse list including classics like Judith Butler 'Gender Trouble,' Mary Douglas 'Purity and Danger,' Patricia Hill Collins 'Black Feminist Thought.'

  • Previous post: "Objects in the Mirror are Closer than you Think: Beyond the Rhetoric of Otherness" here.

  • "The Poetics of Fragility", website here.