“A Thousand Fragments of Dancing Light: A Meditation on Spirituality and Desire”

Lecture for CREA, Sexuality, Gender and Rights Institute, Khandala, 11-17 January 2014.

Download transcript here.


“Reading the Colonial Archive”

Lecture to MA Gender, Media & Culture Students, Goldsmiths, October 23 2014.

In her talk 'Reading the Colonial Archive' written for the MA Gender, Media  Culture students, at Goldsmiths, Lata Mani reflected on her research journeys, including the making of her classic article 'Cultural Theory, Colonial Texts: Reading Eye Witness Accounts of Widow Burning' and the subsequent book 'Contentious Traditions'. Read here / download here.

"Some Thoughts on Because I Have a Voice"

Talk at the Bengaluru launch of Arvind Narrain & Gautam Bhan eds., Because I Have a Voice, 2005.

There is much that can be said by way of a response to Because I Have a Voice, but I will restrict my remarks today to one issue alone. I would like to ask whether queer theory serves us well in setting out to theorize the diversity of sexual and gender practices and identities in India. Download here.