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  • London: Birkbeck, May 17, 6-8:30 pm here
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The Poetics of Fragility (63 minutes) is a narrative and optical exploration of the texture, vitality and aesthetics of fragility that interweaves story, poetry and critical inquiry to reclaim fragility as intrinsic to nature and human existence, not merely something to be bemoaned or overcome. English with Spanish subtitles. More here / website here. 

"The Poetics of Fragility is a subtle and tender message of our condition as humans...an embrace of poetic contemplation on the nature of suffering. Wonderful work!" Lourdes Portillo, Academy Award winning filmmaker.

"This film's textures, silences and angles get us closer to the experience of pain than any prose or textbook. It will resonate with anyone who's danced with chronic pain, but more than pain, chronic is the key word here... time.... The Poetics of Fragility points you squarely to the scourge, the salve, and finally the ruse of time and jazz is the perfect response."  Dr. B.J.Miller, hospice and palliative care specialist, University of California, San Francisco


The Earth on its Axis, We in Our Skin: The Tantra of Embodiment

A captivating spiritual and political conversation about the contemporary relevance of tantra, a philosophy that honors embodiment and all matter as alive.  Director: Nicolás Grandi, HD 2015, 80 minutes; with Spanish Subtitles.

"This film is deep and wise—and necessary for now" Donna J. Haraway  

"at once deeply spiritual and capable of producing radical political shifts in our worlds" Angela Y. Davis

"All committed to a politics of liberation will want to see this film" Sara Ahmed

"a pleasure to hear and see and be there" Mani Rao

"inspired and inspiring" Shabbir Banoobhai

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