The Tantra Chronicles

The Tantra Chronicles are 43 original spiritual teachings from Devi, Shiva, Jesus, Mary and Moon. Received and compiled by Ruth Frankenberg and Lata Mani the teachings are revolutionary and contain the intellectual and spiritual wisdom sorely needed to correct our current course as a human collectivity. (Self-published online 2007; EBook 2013)

From the Introduction by Devi:

Why this book and why now? The Tantra Chronicles is directed to members of the human subdivision because tantra is in urgent need of being restored to human consciousness.  Tantra itself is not in need of restoration for its existence is entirely untouched. However, the truth if tantra needs to be chronicled from the purview of some of its major participants. When I speak of restoring tantra to human consciousness, then, I am speaking of restoring humans. I am asking you to listen closely, and to contemplate as we tell you who you are.

This reintroduction to tantra for the sake of my human children is being undertaken at a time when it is frequently said that the world is spinning faster than ever before. While this description is not literally true, it is metaphorically potent. The continuing rearticulation of humans into an array of always diverse actions and consequences is moving quite quickly, Indeed, it is at times moving so quickly that  it becomes well nigh impossible for humans to grasp what they are doing and what its consequences might be, until it is too late to constrain or contain the problematic outcomes of particular developments. Having said this let me also state the reality that there is always a way to revise and restore, and this is equally true for human understanding of tantra. The rest of the planet is already living in accordance with tantra.

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